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    can your teeth shift after braces

    Can Your Teeth Shift Back After Braces?

    Congratulations on completing your orthodontic treatment - and getting your brand new smile. While it must surely be a proud moment for you, there are things that you should take care of, even when your orthodontist has taken your braces off. The most important among them is ensuring that...

    Everything You Need To Know About Braces Behind The Teeth

    In today’s modern world, wearing conventional metal braces is a complete no. As people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their smile and facial aesthetics, they are looking for orthodontic treatment options which can fix their teeth without having to wear those unaesthetic traditional braces.Despite the obvious drawback...

    Crowded Top Teeth – What Can We Do to Help?

    Crowded top teeth is a condition that not only makes many people feel self-conscious, but it also creates other issues. According to studies, 21% of adults in the UK have trouble eating because of the condition of their teeth. If you are someone who has misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or a crossbite, dental...

    Young woman with a smile holding a pumpkin

    10% off Invisalign this Halloween!

    Create your dream smile for less this October!PLUS over £1,000 worth of extras, free!FREE post-treatment retainers worth £600FREE teeth whitening worth £300PLUS free specialist orthodontic consultationBook a consultation now at THIS LINK. ...

    Simple Orthodontics with Invisalign Lite

    Invisalign is an advanced means to straighten teeth, and it is only fitting that Invisalign Lite should carry on the great work this treatment has already accomplished. Invisalign Lite braces work in much the same way as traditional Invisalign braces, however the treatment is designed for less complex cases and...

    Our biggest offer ever – 20% off Invisalign!

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary offers!For the months of July and August only we are offering any existing or new patients 20% OFF a new course of Invisalign treatment. This is an amazing offer which we have never put on before - with savings of almost £1,000 and interest free/low...

    Orthodontic emergencies

    We know how stressful it might be if you have an orthodontic emergency, so please read below for some guidance specific to a range of problems with your braces.If in doubt, do feel free to give us a call or email us and we can advise you further or visit...