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    Invisalign First

    Comfortable, clear and removable braces for pre teens

    Orthodontic braces for children aged 6+

    Straighten your child's smile and prevent future crooked teeth as an adult with clear invisible braces
    Invisalign First at Smile 101, will help your child achieve a smile to be proud of, without the ‘Ugly Betty’ braces!

    Dr Sheila Chauhan is an experienced Certified Invisalign Specialist Orthodontist, using Invisalign for over 14 years to create beautiful smiles. Sheila and her team have treated over 4,600 patients.

    Invisalign First works the same as Invisalign using transparent custom-moulded aligners used to move teeth. It has been specifically designed for teenagers with special features including blue wear-indicators to help your dental practitioner, you, and your teenager to gauge wear time, compensation for the eruption of canines, second premolars and second molars and six free individual replacement aligners are included in case any get lost or misplaced.


    Benefits to You as a Parent

    Access to treatments similar to that of adults and teenagers

    Digital 3-D planning and diagnosis

    Treatments that take into account your child's growth

    Preventive orthodontics to move teeth in line with jaw growth and prevent problems as an adult

    What Can Invisalign First Help with?

    Crowded teeth

    Spaced teeth

    Expansion of the arch to make more room

    Tooth Misalignment

    Arch development as your child grows

    Protruding teeth (Buck teeth)

    Tooth interferences on how your child chews, eats and speaks

    Invisalign Braces

    What Invisalign?

    Invisible braces specifically designed for pre teens?

    Invisalign First aligners fit into a pre-teens life beautifully. Now they don’t have to be self-conscious when they are out socially, take school photos, post pictures online, or participate in any of the other activities they love.

    Even better, Invisalign First starts working with the first set of aligners. So as time goes by, you can watch their teeth gradually get straighter and healthier!

    Invisalign has several treatment options available for pre-teens, depending on the stage of teeth development.

    Older patients, or those who haven’t got all of their adult teeth erupted can be treated with Invisalign Teen – a treatment designed specifically for teenagers. Your orthodontist will determine which treatment best suits your individual needs.

    Reasons to choose Invisalign First

    • Custom-made using 3D computer technology, with virtual imaging predictions
    • Series of Clear translucent aligners changed every two weeks to gradually move your teeth to a desired position
    • Removable enabling you to eat whatever you like, whenever you like, wherever you like!
    • Comfortable thin, lightweight plastic design for maximum strength and durability
    • Removable for easily manageable dental hygiene. You can still brush, floss and clean your teeth without having any metal wires in the way.
    • Over 3 million people worldwide have reasons to smile thanks to Invisalign !
    • Suitable for most crowded, crooked teeth & gaps

    This is great news if you wish to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet.

    Invisalign first results

    Meet Ellie

    Ellie Is 8 1/2 years old with an early mixed dentition of baby teeth and adult teeth. She has a 12 mm over jet (buck teeth) meaning that her lower lip gets trapped. This kind of over-jet also leaves the teeth at risk of trauma, particularly as a child goes sports at school.

    This results in a situation known as ‘incompetent lips’, this is an inability to get the lips to meet and close together fully. It results in a straining of the muscles around the face when trying to close the mouth and means that the teeth are not fully supported from the pushing out of the tongue.

    Because she can’t fully get her lips together she also has a tendency to tongue thrust, this pushes the teeth out even further.

    Because her lips don’t meet she is also a mouth breather, this can affect the oral bacteria which keeps the mouth in balance. Mouth breathing can also drive the teeth out making them more prone to cracking and staining.

    Needless to say, she was also teased at school.

    What did we do?

    Ellie Had a 10 month treatment with aligners and elastics to achieve an incredible result in a relatively short period of time.


    From the side
    left side of mouth


    From the front
    children's smile


    From the front


    From the side
    Invisalign creates a focus for an 8-year-old autistic child teeth
    Invisakign Teen aligner

    Invisalign at Smile 101 includes:

    • FREE initial consultation to determine your suitability for Invisalign treatment
    • Records of your teeth shipped to Invisalign USA
    • The ClinCheck – A 3D virtual imaging of your teeth, letting you see the finished result without having even started! We can email your ClinCheck, so you can view the progress of your teeth.
    • The Invisalign aligners – are provided in batches and supervision carried out by the Orthodontist at 6-8 week intervals. Up to two ‘refinement stages’ in Invisalign Full & one in Lite cases are included within the overall fee.
    • The Finish Line – Removable retainers, similar to your Invisalign trays are worn every night to keep your teeth in their final position. Bonded fixed retainers custom fitted to the back your teeth, are included, for that extra piece of mind.
    • At Smile 101, we don’t believe in hidden costs!

    Patient Testimonial

    Free Smile Assessment

    Would you like to know if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment? We’ll be able to identify if treatment is necessary and provide an instant report showing your treatment options. Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home!

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