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    Growing healthy smiles
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    Secure Your Child’s Smile now!

    The earlier the better

    ‘Early Interceptive’ or ‘first phase’ orthodontic treatment can be very important because children are still growing, giving us the opportunity to correct problems very early as they start to develop.

    Advantages of early Myobrace treatment:

    • Create or preserve space for crowded teeth
    • Reduce the need for adult teeth removal
    • Shorten treatment time with braces if needed later on
    • Avoid possible dental surgery if teeth fail to grow and get stuck inside the jaw bone
    • Reducing the risk of trauma of protruding (sticking forward) front teeth
    • Optimise healthy facial growth
    • Correct undersized, oversized or asymmetrical jaw growth
    • Stop poor oral habits such as Thumb / finger sucking beyond the age of 6
    • Improve poor muscle function and Mouth breathing

    We strongly recommend that a child’s first orthodontic visit takes place at age 7-9 if any signs of teeth irregularity are detected.

    The Myobrace appliances are designed to correct poor myofunctional habits by re-training the oral muscles.

    This can also produce considerable improvements in posture. Unlike traditional orthodontics, the primary goal of Myobrace treatment is to achieve straight teeth for life – without the need for braces or retainers.

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