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    Early Braces

    A smile to face the future with confidence and freedom

    Secure Your Child’s Smile

    ‘Early interceptive’ or ‘first phase’ orthodontic treatment can be very important because children are still growing, giving us the opportunity to correct problems very early as they start to develop.

    Advantages of early treatment:

    • Create or preserve space for crowded teeth
    • Reduce the need for adult teeth removal
    • Shorten treatment time with braces if needed later on
    • Avoid possible dental surgery if teeth fail to grow and get stuck inside the jaw bone
    • Reducing the risk of trauma of protruding front teeth
    • Optimise healthy facial growth
    • Correct undersized, oversized or asymmetrical jaw growth
    • Stop poor oral habits such as Thumb / FInger sucking beyond 6yrs of age
    • Improve poor muscle function and Mouth breathing

    Correct problems very early…

    Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image

    Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image


    Protruding Teeth

    Open Bite

    Front Cross Bite

    Back Cross Bite

    Over Bite

    Most common early child braces

    The good news is that many children are now eager to wear braces as they have become something of a fashion statement. This allows us to offer children the best orthodontic treatment to give them straight teeth and a great smile to face the future with confidence and freedom.

    • Myo-functional trainers
    • Removable braces
    • Removable functional braces
    • Partial fixed braces
    • Habit breaker
    • Space maintainer

    Myo-functional trainers – Straight Teeth The Natural Way

    • Trainers are simple-to-use removable appliances designed specifically to correct poor oral habits such as:
    • Thumb / finger sucking beyond the age of 5
    • Tongue Thrust
    • Reverse swallowing – Tongue pushing forward against the front teeth when swallowing
    • Lip biting – lower lip resting behind the top front teeth
    • Strong chin muscle
    • Grinding or clenching of teeth
    • Mouth breathing or snoring at night
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    Correcting these habits early allows the teeth and the jaws to develop correctly and avoids difficult problems and complex orthodontic/ surgical treatment later on in life.

    Trainers are most effective after a child’s permanent front teeth have come through and before all the permanent teeth have erupted (Age 5-10 years old is the ideal age to use them).

    Free Smile Assessment

    Would you like to know if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment? We’ll be able to identify if treatment is necessary and provide an instant report showing your treatment options. Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home!

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