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    Ceramic Braces

    Orthodontic treatment by Smile101

    What are Ceramic Braces?

    Ceramic braces give all of the advantages of conventional metal braces without the unsightly appearance of the silver brackets and wires.

    This means your orthodontist can control the exact movement of each tooth independently giving the greatest amount of flexibility in the treatment.

    With ceramic braces, the ‘teeth clip’, or bracket is made of a high strength ceramic tooth coloured material, the wire is also tooth coloured and covered with a plastic material to ensure the braces are as discreet as possible.

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    Are ceramic braces better than metal?

    There is no clinical difference between ceramic braces and metal braces, they both use brackets which attach to your teeth and wires which are bent to move your teeth.

    The way ceramic braces can be considered better than metal braces is in their appearance, because they are tooth coloured they are far less noticeable and very often people won’t even realise that you have orthodontic braces.

    What will I look like with braces?

    This is a very common question, people not only want to know what they will look like after treatment but also during treatment. The good thing with treatments such as Invisalign (completely clear braces) is that they are virtually undetectable and no one will know you are wearing them.

    But what will you look like with conventional braces?

    In order to help we’ve scoured the Internet and found an app which you might like to download. The app gives you the ability to take a selfie, then to use an editing suite to overlay braces onto your photograph.

    Download the 'Brace Yourself' app for Apple

    Dear Sheila, Thank you so much for your work and help in constructing my new smile! I can’t believe how quickly the last two years have gone – It was the best decision I have made in a long time as this smile is now with me for the rest of my life… Such a short period of brace wearing for a life time smile. I will really miss my little travels to Windsor! Thank you again – I’m so happy with the end result and will definitely recommend Smile 101 to all who ask! Thank you and take care, Davina x

    Orthodontic notes:

    This patient had upper and lower ceramic Radiance Braces for a total of 25 months.

    Before & After Images

    Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image

    Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image

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