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    Sports Guards

    Protect your smile with a custom-made sports guard!

    Smile 101 sports guards

    At Smile 101 Specialist Orthodontics we care about your smiles. Our sports guards are made to measure to protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment and for any physical contact sport that you may take part in. We have a choice of colours and bespoke designs,  even get your name inscribed! We also provide a protective box to avoid loss or damage.


    What is a sports guard?

    A sports guard is a specially made rubber-like covering which sits over your teeth, protecting you from trauma to the teeth, soft tissues and even jaw when playing sports.

    When do I need a sports guard?

    It is important to protect your teeth when playing sport that involves physical contact such as rugby, hockey or boxing.

    How do you make my sports guard?

    At Smile 101, we take a dental impression of your teeth & send to a laboratory to design the sports guard to fit perfectly over your teeth & fixed braces.