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    Why Choose Us

    Exceptional orthodontic care in Windsor & Guildford

    Why Choose Smile 101

    Specialist Orthodontic Centre

    At Smile 101 we offer all new patients a free consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist to ascertain their concerns and determine the most suitable treatment options. We have over 25 years expertise in the orthodontic care of adults, teenagers, and young children and our staff are professional and passionate about delivering that personal touch for every individual.

    We have flexible and affordable service plans to cater for weekday appointments, after school, evenings, and Saturdays at a convenient location in Windsor, in a friendly and relaxing environment. Smile 101 has been established for over 18 years and is an integral part of the Windsor and Guildford communities.


    We offer our patients a comprehensive choice of braces to improve their smile, ranging from fun colours for children, cosmetic ceramic braces and virtually invisible clear aligners.

    We have no waiting lists, so your smile transformation can start immediately. Our prices are competitive and we provide transparent packages to include retainers, 12 months follow up after treatment completion and tooth whitening for adults (subject to conditions). Our interest-free and low-cost payment plans offer affordable ways to spread the payments and help you start smiling.

    We are contactable by phone, email, text, social media and have a 24 hour call handling service for messages.

    What our patients say about Smile 101

    • ‘Flexible and accommodating with appointments’
    • ‘Fantastic, professional service with a friendly atmosphere’
    • ‘Give great advice, everything is explained and nothing is too much trouble’
    • ‘Spectacular results, feel fantastic and can’t stop smiling’
    • ‘Patient and sympathetic’
    • ‘Give confidence. Re-claim self-esteem & become self-confident that will last a lifetime’
    • ‘Supportive, felt looked after’‘Feel like a new person, life-changing transformation’

    Why dentists choose Smile 101 for referrals

    • ALL our consultations are complimentary
    • For adults requiring routine and interdisciplinary orthodontic care
    • We specialise in interdisciplinary care of periodontal cases
    • A full orthodontic assessment including IOTN scoring for children
    • Children assessed from 7 years to monitor their dental development
    • Early orthodontic treatment for children to avoid worsening problems
    • There is no waiting list so treatment can start immediately
    • Appointments are customised and flexible to patients requirements
    • After school, evening and Saturdays clinics available
    • 0%  payment options can be spread over 12-24 months
    Free Smile Assessment

    Would you like to know if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment? We’ll be able to identify if treatment is necessary and provide an instant report showing your treatment options. Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home!

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