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    Teenage Orthodontic Treatments – What You Should Know?

    Teenage Orthodontic Treatments

    Teenage Orthodontic Treatments – What You Should Know?

    If you are a teenager’s parent, you might consider whether your child needs orthodontic treatment with braces. The fact is that the incidence of tooth alignment problems in children is increasing exponentially as pared to previous generations. That is why we see many teenagers wearing braces or clear aligners. If your child’s dentist has told you that they need orthodontic treatment, or if you’re simply concerned about whether orthodontic treatment is suitable for them, this article is for you. So, read on to learn more about teenage orthodontic treatment options and the option best suits your child’s needs. 

    What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

    According to the British Orthodontic Society, orthodontic treatment involves the use of various appliances to move the teeth to straighten them and ensure that they bite together evenly. Overall, the goal of orthodontic treatment is to ensure optimal function of teeth and improve one’s smile and facial aesthetics. 

    What Age Is Too Old To Start Using Braces (For Teeth)?

    When it comes to orthodontic treatment, no age is too old. Thanks to contemporary dentistry, you can have your teeth straightened with braces at any stage in life – whether you are sixteen or sixty. However, the ideal age to seek orthodontic treatment is the teenage years. This is because a child’s bones are still developing and are pretty flexible at this age. Therefore, it is easier for the orthodontist to move your teeth within the jawbones towards an optimal occlusion and alignment. 

    Why Do Many People Get Braces At 12-15?

    We often observe a lot of teenagers wearing braces or clear aligners – and there is a reason behind it. The fact is that orthodontists prefer to perform orthodontic treatment during the early teenage years. This is because a child’s bones are still flexible at this age, and they can easily adapt to any external forces applied to them using orthodontic appliances. As a result, it is easier and less time-consuming to realign crooked teeth in the teenage years than later in life. 

    What Should One Know Before Getting Braces?

    If you are about to get braces to fix your crooked teeth, there are several things that you should bear in mind. First, you may experience slight pain or discomfort during your treatment. While most of the pain will subside after a few days, you may still experience discomfort throughout your treatment. Secondly, you must take extra care of your oral hygiene as teeth with braces are at a higher risk of developing gum problems and tooth decay. Finally, you should avoid hard and sticky foods while wearing braces as they can dislodge the dental brackets. 

    Do Invisalign-Style Braces Work For Teenagers?

    Yes, Invisalign and other clear aligners can be used for straightening teeth in teenagers. In fact, the manufacturers of Invisalign have introduced a particular type of clear aligners geared toward the orthodontic treatment of teenage kids. 

    Which Type Of Dental Braces Are Most Suitable?

    Today, numerous options are available to fix crooked and misaligned teeth, such as traditional metal, lingual or ceramic braces, and clear aligners. Your dentist or orthodontist will first perform a detailed clinical examination to diagnose the underlying problem. Then, based on this information, and depending on your budgetary constraints, they will suggest a treatment option that best suits your needs. For example, traditional braces are the best if you are looking for a reliable and time-tested treatment option. On the other hand, if you are looking for comfort and convenience, removable aligners are better. 

    What’s Some Advice For A Teen Guy Getting Braces?

    If you are a teenager and about to get braces, here is some advice for you:

    • Be Patient – orthodontic treatment takes time, but the outcome is worth the wait. So, be patient and adhere to your dentist’s instructions. 
    • Eat Soft Diet – eating a soft diet and cold foods, at least during the initial few months, is helpful in subsiding the pain and discomfort. 
    • Maintain Optimal Oral Hygiene – it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Failure to do so may result in various complications like gum disease and tooth decay, and may even affect the speed of your treatment.
    • Wear Chapstick – this will help prevent dry or chapped lips. 

    Is It Ok If I Repeat Braces Treatment?

    A good orthodontist will ensure that all your tooth alignment problems are treated during your orthodontic treatment. Typically, repeat treatment is not required unless the patient fails to wear their retainers and the teeth move back to their positions. Alternatively, if an inexperienced orthodontist does altogether remove the underlying issues, repeat treatment may be required. Although there is no harm in having repeat treatment, it usually should not be needed as your orthodontist should fix all the problems during the first round of treatment. 

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dental Braces?

    Here are some pros and cons of dental braces:

    1. Pros of Dental Braces
      1. Enjoy a set of healthy, perfectly aligned teeth 
      2. Improved speech 
      3. Improved chewing efficiency and overall physical health 
      4. Significant improvement in the smile and facial aesthetics
      5. Boost in self-confidence 
    2. Cons of Dental Braces 
      1. Associated pain and discomfort
      2. Treatment is expensive 
      3. Oral hygiene maintenance is more challenging 
      4. Dietary limitations during treatment

    If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality orthodontic practice for teenagers in Guilford or Windsor, Smile 101 should be your first choice. We offer the best general dentistry and speciality services at affordable rates. So, request a virtual appointment today and let your kids enjoy a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile. 

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