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    What Age Do Kids Have Braces?

    What Age Do Kids Have Braces?

    As parents, we want all children to be healthy, and to retain their adorable, pearly white smiles throughout life. That is why I look after every aspect of their upbringing; from their nutrition to education, and health. A common question that parents often ask their dentists is regarding the ideal...

    The Worst Food For Kids With Braces

    The Worst Food For Kids With Braces

    Teeth straightening with braces not only requires optimal oral hygiene maintenance but also demands a long-term commitment. If you or your child is wearing braces, you might have been given dietary instructions by your dentist to ensure that the treatment progresses smoothly. However, many braces wearers still wonder which foods...

    can your teeth shift after braces

    Can Your Teeth Shift Back After Braces?

    Congratulations on completing your orthodontic treatment - and getting your brand new smile. While it must surely be a proud moment for you, there are things that you should take care of, even when your orthodontist has taken your braces off. The most important among them is ensuring that...

    Crowded Top Teeth – What Can We Do to Help?

    Crowded top teeth is a condition that not only makes many people feel self-conscious, but it also creates other issues. According to studies, 21% of adults in the UK have trouble eating because of the condition of their teeth. If you are someone who has misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or a crossbite, dental...

    Can Children Get Invisalign_

    Can Children Get Invisalign? (The Answer Is Yes)

    Did you know that 12% of kids in the UK have had a bad dream about their oral health? More than that, almost half of the nation's children are anxious about their teeth and gums. Even 18% of kids under the age of five have already told their parents they don't like...

    Your Back To School Check List

    Unfortunately, it’s already time to start thinking about getting ready for the back to school rush next month. We’ve put together this handy guide for you to use to ensure you don’t forget any important items for children with and without braces.Back to school is also the perfect time to...