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Functional or Twinblock Appliance

Encourage growth in the correct biting position

Functional or Twinblock Appliance

The Twinblock removable appliance has its name from the plastic blocks that are glued to the top and bottom halves of your braces. When wearing the Twinblock, the plastic blocks connect together in such a way so that your jaw is encouraged to grow in the correct biting position as you grow too. If worn properly, the Twinblock is the fastest and most effective way of correcting jaw misalignments, resulting in protruding teeth.

This appliance is for children or early teenagers, and appointments are usually every 6-8 weeks. For this appliance to work properly, it must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day, and treatment is 9-12 months so motivation is very much needed. This appliance can be removed for sports, playing instruments and eating.

Before and after

Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image

Drag the arrows < > to view before and after image

During treatment

Wearing a functional appliance, side view

Wearing a functional appliance, front view