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    Dental Monitoring – What Is It And How Is It Used In Teeth Straightening?

    Dental Monitoring-what Is It And How Is It Used In Teeth Straightening?

    Dental Monitoring – What Is It And How Is It Used In Teeth Straightening?

    So, have you decided to get your teeth straightened with braces? A good decision! Soon, you will be smiling with perfectly aligned and pearly white teeth. Surely, you will have some questions regarding the orthodontic treatment process that you would like to get answered before starting your treatment. Well, you’re in luck because this article explains everything you need to know about braces, the process, and how dental monitoring works. So, read on and get answers to the questions you have been looking for. 

    How Can I Check Progress With My Braces?

    Immediately after getting your braces, you may feel pain and discomfort around your teeth. While this pain is a nuisance for orthodontic patients, it indicates that your treatment is working. This pain arises when the pressure generated by the orthodontic wires forces your teeth to move in the desired direction. Over time, the pain and discomfort will subside until you revisit your orthodontist for a checkup. During the appointment, they will re-adjust the pressure in the orthodontic wires, which will again force your teeth to realign – and you will start to feel pain again. So, besides physically observing your teeth becoming aligned gradually, discomfort and pain are also good indicators that your treatment is progressing.  

    How Does Dental Monitoring Work? 

    Dental Monitoring is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows patients to keep their dentists informed of their treatment progress. The technology uses a propriety device called the “DM ScanBox Device Plus”, enabling them to make intra-oral images of their teeth and send them to their dentists.

    The AI technology then allows them to visualise exactly the information they are looking for. As a result, Dental Monitoring keeps the dentists updated with treatment progress and allows them to schedule appointments at the right time. Furthermore, this app also allows the patients and dentists to communicate with each other, which is especially beneficial during the post-COVID-19 era when limited physical appointments are scheduled and increased reliance is on virtual communication dental care.

    How Do I Know If My Teeth Are Moving With Braces?

    Aside from visually observing changes in your facial profile and the gradual movement of your teeth, the pain and discomfort around your teeth also indicate that your treatment is progressing. Besides, you can also monitor your treatment progress through the AI-based Dental Monitoring system. 

    How Fast Do Braces Move Teeth?

    The speed with which braces move your teeth depends on the type and the diameter of the orthodontic wire your dentist is using. Initially, your dentist will use flexible and less-diameter wires to begin tooth movement and allow the teeth and jawbone to adapt to the new environment. Later, they will use thicker and more rigid wires that will apply more force and increase the speed of tooth movement. However, it must be kept in mind that excessive pressure from orthodontic wires can lead to severe complications such as root damage, periodontal inflammation, and even tooth loss. 

    What Could Prevent Teeth Moving With Braces?

    There are two main reasons why your teeth are not moving with braces. Firstly, the patient is not adhering to the dentist’s instructions. Another reason may be that an inexperienced dentist may not have performed a thorough clinical examination and might have prepared the wrong treatment plan, which does not work. That is why you should always get your orthodontic treatment done by an experienced and qualified orthodontist. 

    What Happens If My Braces Don’t Work? 

    If you feel that your braces are not working, you should let your orthodontist know quickly. If you are being treated by an experienced and qualified orthodontist, they will quickly identify the underlying issue, based on their experience and rectify it to ensure that your treatment progresses smoothly. You can search for specialist orthodontists in your region on the General Dental Council’s website. 

    Should I Choose A Specialist Orthodontist Or A Dentist?

    General dentists are trained as masters of all trades; they will care for your entire family’s dental problems:

    You should go to a general dentist if you have minor dental problems like toothache or swelling. But, when it comes to getting your teeth straightened, you should always let the specialists handle it. Why? Because orthodontic specialists undergo additional three or four years of clinical training in treating orthodontic problems.

    Hence, they are trained to treat even the most complex issues using the simplest techniques and the shortest amount of time. Therefore, it is always best to get your teeth straightened by an orthodontic specialist.   Teeth straightening is a time-consuming process that requires patience and commitment.

    However, an experienced orthodontist can make this journey considerably easier for you.

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