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A Smile Is The Universal Language Of Connection

A Smile Is The Universal Language Of Connection

It requires no identity, no perceived image and no preconception.

The power of a smile to connect us is the simplest most spontaneous act; it releases our perception of ourselves and momentarily frees the spirit.

A smile allows us to live, love and laugh and be in the present moment.

It is a powerful thing when so many of us are riddled with anxiety and depression, worrying about what the future might hold and the regrets of the past.

The overactive mind plays with its distortions of our world.

If only we can just stop, just breathe, just smile…. truly smile.. a heartfelt smile.

Smile with no language, no identity, no preconception just pure love.

The body twists and turns and tries to protect itself, guards itself, isolating us for fear of what might or might not happen.

In today’s fast-paced society we are overthinking and overstimulated, completely numbed by an information overload, not knowing which way to look, what to like what not to like!!! so we can be liked.

How do we truly connect with who we are..?

We ask ourselves – “what is my image”?

As social animals we crave connection and belonging, it’s a human predicament in which closeness and togetherness fuel our social well-being.

Yet sometimes we disconnect into a box, a comfort zone for fear of what someone might think, or fear of being misunderstood.

So smile, right now, release your gift, lighten the heart connect to this moment.


An unadulterated smile, be present right here, right now, with that ‘cheese on your face’. .. let go and go for it … free the spirit, feel the energy … connect and let a moment of magic happen…:-)’