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    Invisalign creates a focus for an 8-year-old autistic child

    Invisalign creates a focus for an 8-year-old autistic child

    In the Spring of 2018, Ella danced into Smile101 followed by her cautious and concerned parents caring for her accompanied sister who has special needs.
    Ella even at 8 yrs old was an intelligent vibrant young child with lots of energy, as she danced into the clinical area singing around the room telling jokes giggling and unable to sit still. Whilst dad seated himself quietly in the corner attending to her sister, mother stood up to tell their story.

    Ella, on the autistic spectrum and diagnosed with ADHD, was highly creative and energetic, however, this was being misunderstood for being disruptive in the classroom and they were gravely concerned about her learning and development as a result. They were equally concerned about the appearance of her protruding teeth as she was being teased at school and doubling concerned about her falling over and damaging them. They were desperate to help her and wanted Ella to have braces to improve her prospects.

    Ella had a significant protrusion of her front teeth by 12 mmm unprotected by the lips. As she swallowed her tongue thrust forward into the open space. As she was breathing her lips remained apart creating conflict in her posture.
    I could only imagine the frustration the parents were feeling, with their unconditional love for her well being and fear of damage to her teeth and the disadvantage to her future that her condition and appearance posed.
    I was sceptical however whether Ella had the patience, focus and attention needed to comply with Invisalign clear aligners.

    I put aside my resevations and strode forward with professional armour to help this little girl and agreed to try.

    To my surprise several months later Ella danced back into the room followed by her accompanying obedient parents, seats herself into the dental chair and proceed to narrate her progress, demonstrates her aligners and elastics with precision and articulates the protocols she has been following.
    I was aghast with pride, not only had this project given her a focus, she was in command and control of her destiny.
    Her protruding teeth and misalignment had improved significantly and her lips we’re in a better curtain for her smile.

    Mother said she now has a real chance in life because she looks normal and even though she is still one of the brightest kids in the class she’s is less disruptive and attention-seeking and starting to fit into the crowd of her peers.

    So did Invisalign focus the child or the other way round……?