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How To Enjoy Halloween With Braces

How To Enjoy Halloween With Braces

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is nearly upon us, which means we’re all carving pumpkins, making costumes and panicking about how enjoyable trick or treating is going to be for people with braces. Sugar and sweets are definitely not great for anybody’s teeth, let alone the teeth of someone wearing a brace – but there is no avoiding sweet treats on Halloween, so if your little monster is desperate to go trick or treating we’ve put together this quick guide.

Things To Avoid

It’s advisable to avoid this list of sweets throughout the year and not just during Halloween. The items in this list can cause damage to brace brackets and wires meaning an emergency appointment at the orthodontist. Of course, if your braces are removable, then there is no risk of breaking them – just make sure you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly before putting your aligner back in.

∙ Sticky or gooey sweets that get stuck to your teeth and mouth
∙ Boiled/hard sweets
∙ Sweets containing, nuts, caramel or toffee
∙ Popcorn
∙ Bubblegum

What Can Be Eaten?

Here is the good news! When wearing braces on Halloween you can consume soft sweets. Chocolate won’t damage your braces, and neither will soft cookies. Take a look at the list of sweets that won’t do your braces too much harm this Halloween.

∙ Chocolate
∙ Soft cookies
∙ Jelly sweets (not too sticky!)
∙ Peanut butter cups
∙ Fruit

It’s best to always brush & floss your teeth after eating when you wear braces, but it’s even more important to do so after eating sweets and sugary substances. Also, if you can, try to avoid grazing on chocolate and sugar all day as sugar is more damaging to teeth when they are exposed constantly.

Have You Entered Our Competition?

This month in our Guildford surgery we are holding a competition to win two tickers to Odeon cinema in Guildford. All you need to do to win, is to drop into the surgery, take a picture of our pumpkin and tag us in your picture on Facebook or Instagram. The pumpkin could also do with a name so get imaginative. We’ll be announcing the winner during the second week of November.

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